Sagittarius painting

Sagittarius is my star sign. The zodiac is what got me back into drawing and painting on a more serious level. I came back to it last year after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which, in turn, left me sick and depressed. I felt utterly hopeless like I’d never feel good and normal again. In order to cope with my ailments, I turned back to drawing and painting. It helped numb the depression and take my mind off of the pain. It also, semi-unexpectedly, allowed me to connect to the deepest part of myself.

The very act of creating is a moving meditation, in a way, because when you hit that flow-state, it just gushes out from the deep, dark starry calm of your soul. Nothing matters in that moment, only the connection you have to yourself and the translation of your thoughts and feelings into something tangible for you and the outside world to interact with. It’s like taking the tiny worlds we have inside of us and pulling them out through some sort of channel you’ve opened up by digging deep into your self-contained universe.

Weird Fishes is another creative channel to tap into for exploring the creative spirit. I’m curious as to what makes others out there in the world create. What gets you to your creative space to spill your soul? I’m not interested in the passive creator; the one who creates without understanding what and why it is they do what they do and only focuses on superficialities of their craft. Charles Bukowski said, “Understand me. I’m not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension, and I do not have time for things that have no soul.” My sentiments exactly; I’m here to understand the creative soul.

This blog will be used to explore what makes artists and creators tick, passions, dialogue, and (hopefully) to build a network of like-minded individuals. I hope you’ll follow, enjoy, and even contribute to this project

Music is an important part of creating for most creators and artists so, we’ll be including a playlist by each person we interview. Here’s my playlist. Enjoy! Sarah xo


Sarah Victoria xo



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